Italy jihadist recruiter captured in Libya

ISIS leader Abu Nassim

 TRIPOLI, Libya  -- Zintani forces have announced the capture of a man thought to be a jihadist recruiter in Italy, the Libya Herald reports. 

 The Tunisian Abu Nassim was recently arrested by Americans, put on trial in Milan, absolved, expelled and then sent back to Libya, where he is thought to be in communication with the group responsible for the kidnapping of technicians from General Contractor Bonatti. 

 According to the Libya Herald, Abu Nassim was escaping Sirte and trying to make his way to Tunisia. The recruiter is said to have been captured together with 20 other ISIS exponents in between the cities of Regdalin and Aljmail in the west of Libya. 

 The capture reportedly took place several days ago, but only came to international light on Thursday. 

 Abu Nassim is considered the Tunisian authorities’ most-wanted terrorist after he organised an ISIS raid in the southern city of Ben Gardane which left 58 dead. 

 Born in 1969, he is thought to have joined the fanatical Salafist group Ansar Al-Sharia, before he took command of ISIS branch in the Libyan city of Sabratha. 

 Following the US bombings in the city last February, the Libya Herald then writes that Abu Nassim led his followers first to Bengasi and then Sirte, where he had been positioned until only a few days ago.