Aerospace safety company's profits take off

 ROME -- Aero Sekur, the world-leading manufacturer of products in special textiles and rubber for the world of defence, space, and avionics, has increased their turnover from previous years by more than 12 percent they revealed Tuesday.  The company is involved in major international programs for aerospace and defence, including F35, the Eurofighter jets, and the ExoMars spacecraft, with the aim of supporting the implementation of the first station on Mars.

 The Italian Aero Sekur SpA, who were established in 1968 and have their headquarters in Aprilia, is controlled by Aero Sekur Ltd, the British holding firm owned by Tosca Penta at 54 percent, who are institutional and private investors.  In their recently published financial statements, the revenue for 2015 totalled 36.6 million euros, an increase of 12 percent from the previous year.  This came from 18.5 million from the Aeronautic sector sales, 15 million in the defence sector and 3.1 million from the space sector.

 Their CEO, Marco Borghesi, said, “The data from 2015 shows that our research and development investments have been crucial to supporting the growth plan.  The increase in revenue stems mainly from within the defence sector, with the acquisition of a ‘major contract to produce equipment for the maintenance of the F-35.  The government defence budget cuts have not in fact have not impacted on the funds for personal defence; such as suits, gas masks, and ballistic vests.  The company has also started a strong process of internationalisation, increasing our customer base on a global scale.”

 The research and development plan to which Borghesi refers has seen more than 12 million invested over the past five years, allowing the company to consolidate its presence in the international market and become a part of some of the most important aerospace and defence programs.  They are also involved in various research projects, funded by both national and international institutions, and in collaboration with the main players in the aviation and defence industries.

 The Agency for the Promotion of European Research praised Aero Sekur, hailing them as “a positive example,” as being the only one of the Aerospace SMEs to have won three international competitions in the first year of Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s framework that finances projects for Research and Innovation until 2020.

 Their new HRD Aero Sekur Srl is a facility designed as a one-stop hub for repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft safety equipment, and is located close to Aero Sekur’s primary Italian manufacturing centre.  The new 20,000 square foot operation provides services for a range of products including escape slides, flotation bags, lifejackets, life-rafts/systems and other safety equipment.