Boschi: "True partisans will vote yes" in the referendum

Maria Elena Boschi

 ROME -- Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has defended Maria Elena Boschi, the Minister of Constitutional Reforms in Italy, after she spoke out against a statement by ANPI, the National Partisan Association, which said that members would be voting ‘no’ in the upcoming referendum on Constitutional Reforms.  Boschi retaliated on national television saying that “true” partisans will vote ‘yes’ which caused a storm in Italian politics as both sides struggle to come out on top.

 “As such the ANPI national executives have taken their stance, but there are many partisans, those true ones, those who fought in the Resistance, not from the successive generations, who will vote yes,” were the words of the Minister as she appeared on national television channel RAI3 on the show “In mezz’ora” [In half an hour].

 During this discussion, Boschi also stated that if the ‘no’ campaign were to win she would step down, a sentiment that has been echoed by Renzi; “If I lose, I’ll go home, I can’t stay on once Italians have failed my biggest reform.”  Pierluigi Bersani of the Democratic Party believes this would be a bad idea, however, explaining his view as: “If the ‘no’ vote prevails in the referendum, Renzi shouldn’t quite.  I don’t want the Constitution to be used to divide the country or to affirm personal supremacies.”

 On Boschi’s claim Renzi said, “In her favour, I can’t see any blunder.  Her position on ANPI is entirely legitimate and within their party some have chosen, those who fought in the Resistance, to vote yes.  Inside ANPI, some will vote yes and others will vote no. There are some real partisans that will vote yes and those that vote no, and we have respect for all partisans.”

 Others were less lenient, with Bersani taking to Facebook to ask the question, “How is it up to Minister Boschi to distinguish between real partisans and fake?  Who do you think you are?”  He also criticised the government, accusing them of “reckless political management and adventurist,” whilst warning people not to “risk creating an irreparable rift in the constitutional and democratic world.”