Squatters clash with police

 BOLOGNA -- There is high tension after a scuffle between police and protestors in central Bologna, where they are trying to evict squatters from an abandoned building in Via Irnerio.  Families with small children were the first to be evicted to avoid any violence that may ensue.

 There are around 50 inhabitants of the building, with about 10 children, who have reportedly been occupying the building for three years.  Around 30 protestors, who had taken to the streets when police arrived for the eviction at around six on Tuesday morning, clashed with police officers who had taken the precaution on donning riot gear, and were lined up at the main entrance to the building.

 When the group of protestors surged forwards with the intention of trying to force back the blockade, the officers lightly beat them back.  This happened on a couple of occasions, with one of the protestors reporting a head injury sustained from a blow from one of the policemen.  At least one occupant took to the roof of the building and refused to leave the residence.  Many others shouted from windows or balconies with phrases such as, "Be ashamed of yourselves, you're putting fifteen children onto the street."