Sebnem Senyener on translating Keats

 ROME -- On Friday March 11 Turkish Author Sebnem Senyener will give a talk on her experience of translating Keats’s famous sonnet into English, entitled ‘White Horses: An Aegean Understanding of Keats’s ‘On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer’’ at the Keats-Shelley House at 6p.m.  On this she will be offering her own cultural perspective of the poem’s meaning.

 Senyener was born in the Aegean port city of Izmir in Turkey, giving her a very different outlook on life to the one that Keats would have held.  She is an accomplished novelist with six books, all of which ultimately have a romance theme, though embedded into art thrillers.  The title and story of her first novel, Letters Writ By A Turkish Spy, which was written in 2001, were inspired by 17th century Italian Giovanni Marana, who was the writer of the first spy novel, though it remains unpublished in Italian.

 Her other novels include: February 30th (2004), We Loved Each Other With A Thousand Eyes (2014), and the triology My Heart Stark Naked.  This trilogy is composed of The Murder of Belly dancer (2006), The Merchant of Character (2008), and The Song of Death is Free (2014).  Soon after the 1980 military coup in Turkey banned the newspaper she was working for, The Democrat, Senyener moved to New York.  She now splits her time between Rome, where she started living in 2010, and London.

 The talk will be held at 6p.m. on Friday March 11 at the Keats-Shelley House.  Advance booking is essential.  You can find more details on their website: or call on (+39) 06 678 42 35.