EXPO 2015's CEO, Beppe Sala, wins the Milan primary

 MILAN -- Giuseppe (Beppe) Sala, Milan’s mayoral candidate for the centre-left, as well as the CEO and Commissioner of the Italian Government for EXPO 2015 Milano, has just been voted into the primary for the Democratic Party, in what some are viewing as the start of Milan’s rise over Rome.  An expected, though not guaranteed, victory.

 The vote took place on February 6, with the announcement yesterday.  The margin was not large and, whilst there were more votes against him than for him, his majority was still conclusive on 42% over those of his main competitors who divided the left-wing electorate’s votes.  Deputy Mayor, Francesca Balzani won 34% of the vote, whilst councillor Pierfrancesco Majorino wasn’t far behind on 23%.

 Sala was still incredibly happy with this outcome, stating, “It was not an easy journey, so I’m very happy.  It seems a very good result to me.”

 Sala took to the stage to the song ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie – the same one he has used at the first husts – welcoming the applause of the audience in the Elfo Puccini theatre with raised arms and committing himself “not to disappoint this enthusiasm and passion.”

 With Sala’s victory it now remains to be seen whether this centre-left coalition will remain intact or if things are about to change, as some statements suggest.

 Agriculture Minister, Maurizio Martina, spent the evening with Sala’s electoral committee and insists that Italy’s Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, is extremely happy with the outcome.  With a turnout of 60,900 voters, Majorino has stated that now is the time for “moving forward together in support of the candidate” to win the election on June 12.

 The conclusion came from Democratic Party member, Pietro Bussolati, “We took on the task of making the best primary in Italy and we have succeeded.”