Mother sentenced to 16 years for multiple acid attacks

Levato and boyfriend Boettcher were already sentenced to 14 years in December 2014

 MILAN -- Martina Levato, 24 and mother of a five-month old son, has been sentenced on Wednesday to 16 years in prison for multiple acid attacks carried out on ex-boyfriends, according to La Repubblica. At the same time accomplice Andrea Magnani was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months imprisonment for having helped plan the attacks, which were carried out by Levato and her partner Alexander Boettcher. Boettcher's trial will take place on Jan. 15.

 The couple were convicted in 2014 for a series of acid attacks which left multiple men disfigured. Among them Pietro Barbini, the former boyfriend of Levato, and Stefano Savi, who was mistaken for another of the couple's targets and attacked as he was returning to his house.

 Savi, now with a disfigured face and damaged sight in one eye, on Wednesday attended the trial, in which the judge ordered 1 million euro provvisionale for him as well as for Barbini. Shortly before the sentence was announced he commented, "I am happy, even if my days are still very difficult. I have to wear a mask for 15 hours a day and I cannot do very much."

 Levato, a former student from Bocconi University in Milan, broke into tears as the sentence was read out. Already sentenced to 14 years in December 2014 along with Boettcher, the couple gave birth to a son the following August, who was taken away from the mother moments after birth. Levato's most recent sentence was decided after the prosecutor asked for an extra 20 years for Levato and 14 for Magnani.

 The latter claimed that he was drawn into the plan by Boettcher, who preyed on what Magnini's lawyer called "a strenuous and difficult economic, personal and family situation."

 Among the other targets of the couple's attacks was Antonio Margarito, victim of an attempted castration by Levato in May 2014.   ft

Accomplice Andrea Magnini was also sentenced to 9 years and 4 months imprisonment