Tax dodging couple owned 760 vehicles

Car insurance fraud under investigation

 ROME -- A husband and wife from Fruili are being investigated for insurance fraud and tax evasion after the Udine finance police discovered that they were running a company which ignored the legal requirements of the Italian market, bringing in 2.2 million euros of undeclared earnings.

 The inquiry, led by the sports section of the Italian police force, the Fiamme gialle, and coordinated by Udine's public prosecutor's office, has unearthed the selling of 3274 different insurance receipts, attributable to Polish, French and Luxembourg foreign insurance companies, which were bought by citizens residing on national territory, useless for the purposes of RCA insurance coverage.

 It has been discovered that many insurance certificates were independently printed by the couple under investigation. The two associates of the aforementioned agency, who did not declare any earnings, as well as the company itself, were holders of 760 vehicles, 201 of which were resold abroad, mostly in Eastern Europe, without observing any of the legal requirements for this. There are reportedly now hundreds of "ghost" cars that were forced into a limbo, which for the Italian authorities means that they are still the property of now non-existent Italian owners, whilst in reality the money is circulating in foreign countries.

 The couple are now being investigated for undeclared earnings, for unlawful insurance and for fraud.