Mussolini husband convicted for 'baby squillo' peccadillo

Mauro Floriani and his wife, Alessandra Mussolini

 ROME — Mauro Floriani, an ex- Finance police officer and husband of the MP Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Il Duce, has reached a plea bargain with the court trying him for child prostitution. He had previously pleaded guilty to being a client of the under-aged prostitution ring located in the upmarket Parioli district.. 

  He has bargained a one year suspended sentence, and will have to pay a fine of 1800 euros for his misdemeanour. 

  The 2013 revelations, termed the “baby squillo” scandal, caused outrage across the country. It emerged that at least 50 men had paid for sex with two schoolgirls, 14 and 15,  including middle-aged professionals and the son of a senator with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia Party. It was reported that the girls were engaging in part-time prostitution and pimping themselves online to earn money for designer clothes and the most up-to-date mobile phones. 

  The scandal has also highlighted the suspected involvement of three UN FAO and IFAD senior officials within the prostitution ring.    

  Some 11 other clients have bargained for just a one-year prison sentence and eight organisers of the Parioli prostitution ring were sentenced following the scandal, particularly Mirko Ieni, the head of the racket, who has been given the maximum 10 years in prison.  

  The mother of one of the girls, who was accused of forcing her daughter into prostitution, and making her charge 300 euros for each encounter, which took place after school, was sentenced to six years, being stripped of all parental rights.

  Mr Floriani has three children with Alessandra Mussolini, and they have been married since 1989. This trial was particularly embarrassing as Alessandra had served as the head of a parliamentary committee on children’s rights, has repeatedly called for chemical castration for paedophiles and campaigned vocally against the exploitation of prostitutes. 

 Her husband and other suspects were caught after police intercepted phone calls discussing their encounters with the schoolgirls.  

  Following the scandal, Alessandra Mussolini has claimed she is ‘destroyed’.