Palazzo Cini Gallery launches autumn season

The "guest" capriccio. Photo Credit: Matteo de Fina

  VENICE — The Palazzo Cini Gallery launched its autumn season on Saturday, with many additions to be seen. 


  To mark the fifth centenary of Daniele Barbaro, a portrait of Titian, and one of Veronese, coming from the Prado Museum and the Rijksmuseum are being put on display for the first time at Palazzo Cini. 


  Furthermore, a display of 700 Venetian drawings, coming from the Cini collection, will have as a “guest” a capriccio of a little square by Francesco Guardi from the Jacquemart-André museum in Paris. 


  The autumn season of Palazzo Cini at San Vio has many new features. The second floor has been fully renovated with the support of Assicurazioni Generali, and has devoted a significant tribute to the Venetian humanist Daniele Barbaro (1514-1570), an animator of intellectual debate and client of some of the most important artists of the century, such as Palladio and Verenose. 


  The exhibition will be on until November 15.