"A Symphony of Hunger" exhibition opens in Venice

"A Symphony of Hunger" will open next Thursday in Venice



  VENICE — The School for Curatorial Studies and the Gallery Aplusa have announced an upcoming exhibition, entitled “A Symphony of Hunger”. Born from a collaboration with the Bonotto Foundation, this exhibition seeks to stimulate new connections and new relations through a series of works by established and emerging artists. 


  The themes discussed will include desire, taste, digestion and waste, orchestrated through a model, in which an experimental exploration of organic bodily hunger evolves into a socio-political and aesthetic investigation. 


  Born in the sixties, the Fluxus movement was part of the challenge to expand the definition of art, making a break with the pre-existing artistic practices. This exhibition seeks to reawaken the spirit of the Fluxus movement. 


  The conceptual works will be presented through an experimental model, as it will be held in a rotation of four days in a series of “movements”. Each day will reveal a new series of work. 


  The exhibition will also be accompanied by a new publication, entitled “A Symphony of Hunger: The Fifth Movement”, a complementary book that will add depth and relevance to the conceptual reflections and discussions, related to those on display in the gallery. 


  The exhibition will open on the evening of September 24, and will close on October 31. 


  The exhibition is organised by a group of seventeen international curators, who are part of the “September Collective”. Studying at the School for Curatorial Studies (SCSV), members of the team come from twelve nations, representing a cross section of a global perspective. 


  The SCSV was founded in 2004 by Gallery Aplusa, and is now directed by Aurora Fonda and sandro Pignotti. The school’s mission is to spread knowledge in the field of the visual arts through an academic programme that encourages experimentation and interdisciplinary thinking.