Journalist assaulted in Formia

Journalist Francesco Furlan (pictured)

ROME - Local journalist Francesco Furlan has been attacked by a businessman who contested the content of one of his articles, according to H24Notizie, for which Furlan is a writer. The incident took place in the town of Formia which lies between Naples and Rome in the region of Lazio.

 Reports indicate that Furlan was approached by a man who he believed to be his colleague, but in reality it was a local entrepreneur. After a heated discussion concerning a recent article that Furlan had published, the journalist received a slap in the face, which left him with a bruised cheekbone.

 This is however by no means an isolated incident. H24Notizie highlighted this incident as an example of the escalating violence, which has been experienced by the region’s journalists in recent times. Public officials, entrepreneurs and civilians linked to organised crime, have all been known to attempt to intimate journalists throughout the Lazio region.