Unique UK Expo pavilion brings beehive to Milan

Photographs: FCO

ROME - The United Kingdom’s offering for Expo 2015 comes in the form of an impressive pavilion dedicated to the theme ‘Grown in Britain & Northern Ireland.’ The construction has been developed around the concept of a traditional beehive.

 The building of the standout pavilion has been undertaken by the creative construction company Stage One, having been designed by the artist Wolfgang Buttress in co-operation with engineer Tristan Simmonds and architecture organisation BDP that hails from Manchester.

 “We are delighted to have created an astonishing pavilion in time for the opening of Expo on 1st of May,” said Adam Wilde, Senior Project Director at Stage One. “The intricate structure and the logistical complexities overcome by the project’s team demonstrate Stage One’s expertise in delivering installations and pavilions for architectural, artistic and entertainment events.”

 The complex and futuristic design of the pavilion has been created to provide the visitor the opportunity to travel through a variety of different landscapes, which represent the quintessentially British countryside. Areas in the pavilion include an orchard, wildflower meadow and the central structure, a 14m-cubed beehive, which according to organisers “uses light and sound to simulate the activity of a real beehive.”

 However, in addition to promoting the attractiveness of the United Kingdom, there is an important underlying message to the project for Expo 2015. The pavilion will aim to display how new research and technology are helping to address food security and biodiversity.