Colosseum joins the party

ROME- The Colosseum will be open till midnight Saturday for the  Night at the Museums, but the number of visitors will be capped, sources confirm.

“Cgil, Csil and Uil have come to an agreement, thanks to the effort of workers, with the staff of Barbera in order to ensure the opening of the Colosseum” announces secretary of Fp Cgil Roma e Lazio Di Cola.   

Despite being accused of not wanting to participate in the event, Colosseum workers raise important security issues; "no-one has considered that it would be mad to allow thousands of people into the Colosseum, with only a 1-euro entry fee, where CCTV doesn’t work, there is little lighting and insufficient staff.”

Due to these security fears therefore, the Colosseum will be open but with a limited number of visitors, secretary tells the press.