“Shipping and the Law in the recent and current Market”

ROME — For the first time in Naples, the city where the majority of Italian Shipowners are based, hosted a conference during which some among the most important Italian and European Shipowners, Shipbuilders, Bankers, Marine Underwriters and other important service providers to the maritime field, engaged in a public discussion with some among the European  leading maritime lawyers and arbitrators.
The title of the conference, organised by Studio Legale Lauro,  Shipping and the Law in the recent and current Market is self explicatory. According to the Organiser Francesco Saverio Lauro, “probably not everybody knows that Neapolitan Shipowners hold more than the half of the Italian fleet tonnage. Some of the topics that we will deal with on Monday are very hot – from the problems caused by the International sanctions to Iran to those caused by the booming of piracy in the Gulf of Aden; from the consequences on competition caused by State Aid to shipping (e.g. Tirrenia) to the liabilities of oil and off shore drilling companies after the Deepwater Horizon accident”.
The conference works will be introduced and concluded by the President of the Italian Shipowners Paolo d’Amico and by the maritime lawyer Francesco S. Lauro. Prof. Francesco Berlingieri, past President of the Comité Maritime Nationale will deliver the Conference key note speech titled “Towards a Greater Uniformity of the Law of the Sea”. His lecture will be dedicated to his grandfather who in 1918, wrote a book just on the uniformity of  the Maritime Law. Bartolomeo Giachino, an Undersecretary of State who, back in 1918, was the author a memorable law text focused on the unification of maritime law. Undersecretary Bartolomeo Giachino will take part to the conference as representative of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
The program is divided into five sections on the following topics: European short sea shipping and competition, shipbuilding contracts, ship finance, marine insurance, the state of art about energy and dry charters, and will be chaired respectively by: Alfons Guinier (Secretary General European Community Shipowners’ Association);
Corrado Antonini (President of Fincantieri S.p.a.) and Didier Chaléat (Senior Vice President Bureau Veritas); Diego Pacella (Managing Director Grimaldi Group) and Ann Fenech (Managing Partner of the Maltese Law Firm Fenech&Fenech); Federico Deodato (Managing Director P.L. Ferrari) and Mauro Iguera (Managing Director Cambiaso & Risso); Paolo D’Amico (President of Confitarma Italian Shipowners Association) and Bruce Harris (Past President London Maritime Arbitrators Association).
The work will start at 09.00 and will go on all day.
Among the speakers are Mark Clough, author of a famous text on Shipping and Competition; Tommaso Affinita, Managing Director Rete Autostrade Mediterranee S.p.A.; Umberto Masucci, past President of Italian, European and Mondial Ship Agents; the President of Suardiaz fleet Juan Riva; Simon Curtis author of the principal English law book on Shipbuilding contracts; Patrick de la Morinerie, Deputy CEO of AXA; Peter Jago, Senior Partner of MFB solicitors; Marie Kelly, Senior Partner of Norton Rose Pireaus, Gabriele Gori Deputy Managing Director of MPS Capital Service; the Shipowners Giuseppe and Umberto D’Amato (Perseveranza), Giuseppe Lembo (Deiulemar), Michele Bottiglieri, Mariella Bottiglieri, Federico Garolla (Med Offshore), Paola Mattioli (CA.FI.MA.); Carlo Cameli, General Manager of Fratelli D’Amico; Pietro Galizzi of Saipem; Fabrizio Vettosi, Managing Director of VSL; Giovanni Visentini (Levantina); Furio Samela (Watson Fairley Williams); Vernon Sewell (Bentleys); David Pitlarge (Hill Dickinson); David McInnes (Ince & Co.); Allistair Groom (CEO Charles Taylor); Stephen Martin (Partner Steamship); Angelo Ansaldo (SIAT); Andrea Dalle Vedove (Generali); Alessandro Morelli (AXA); Clive Aston (Consultmarine); Theo Xenakoudis and Ray Simpson (Marshall Islands); business economist Arturo Capasso; Giammarco Boccia (SACE); Federico Barlozzetti (IMI); Mario Pascarella (Meliorbanca); Alex Ryland (DnB NOR Bank); Massimo Zanieri (Unicredit); Marco Poliseno (Poliass); Alberto Serino (Studi Legali Consociati); Giuseppe De Santo (Studio Legale Lauro).