Italian ambassador arrested on paedophile charges

ROME-The Italian Ambassador to Turkmenistan, Daniele Bosio, has been arrested in the Philippines Monday over allegations of violation of the local child guardianship law.

 The diplomat, who is now being held by the police south of Manila, rejects all accusations, while the Italian Foreign Ministry promises “transparency and rigour” in dealing with the case, in cooperation with the Italian Embassy to the Phillipines.

 According to the information provided by the local police, the 46-year old Bosio, Italian ambassador to Turkmenistan since last December, was staying on a vacation in the thermal resort of Laguna, 90 km away from Manila, and during the night between Friday and Saturday, following a report by an Australian activist, he was found in his apartment in the company of a few children between the age of 9 and 12.

 The Italian diplomat is facing charges of minor trafficking, and potentially 20 years in prison and a fine of one million pesos, should the accusation formulated by the police be confirmed by the prosecutor’s office, now evaluating the case.