Letter: FAO media chief's conflicting Devnet interests

Mario Lubetkin. Photo credit: IPS

Dear Mr Phillips, I just would like to draw your attention to two conflicts of interest that the director of information, Mario Lubetkin, poses, to the general indifference of the FAO leadership: 1) Mr. Lubetkin has formally resigned form IPS as Director General, but he has not resigned from the Board of Directors of IPS.. He is still conducting IPS affairs through Giovanni Spinelli, the secretary of the board, as it would be easy to discover, if anybody in FAO would look into this.
 2) Mr. Lubetkin has not communicated to Devnet that, due to his new position, he cannot any longer keep his engagements with Devnet. Devnet is also housed in FAO, and is an organization which was originally created by IPS, in 1984. Mr. Lubetkin is engaged  to provide Devnet guidance for the coming Milan Fair.

 Devnet left Via Panisperna, where it did share headquarters with IPS, years before IPS also transferred to FAO. So it is a fact that the two organizations are now headquartered in FAO, which is an absolute unprecedented fact for two international NGOs recognised in the United Nations. There is no other example worldwide of an international ngo based in a UN organization.
 Best Wishes
 A group of former members of the cooperative IPS