Trenitalia and Lega Ambiente together to decrease pollution in Italy

ROME– The “Treno Verde 2014” campaign to increase eco-sustainability sponsored by Lega Ambiente and Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato has been launched at a press conference in Termini Station.

 In the 26thedition of the “Eco Friendly Train 2014” the campaign’s goal is to test acoustic and environmental pollution and bring awareness of an eco friendly behavior to the citizens.  The state railway and league are concerned with PM10 - particulates smaller than about 10 micrometers - that affects the citizens’ health if not taken care of. At the press conference, General Director of the Lega Ambiente Rossella Muroni, Managing Director of Gruppo FS Italiane, Mauro Moretti, and Minister of Environment and Safeguard of Territory and Sea, Andrea Orlando introduced the campaign at the conference.

 In 2013, the League calculated that out of 91 monitored cities, 43 registered particulates values over the limit legally permitted.  As stated by Rossella Muroni, “PM10 is one of the most dangerous and polluting substances.” And she adds, “I support Treno Verde because it is a campaign for proposals, and results. Directed at the regular citizen to improve their life, pollute less, and live better.” Anyone can work collectively to enhance the current environmental situation; it isn’t only the polluting industries’ job to change behavior.

 Engineer Mauro Moretti underlines the economical side of the campaign when he states, “the issue of security and environmental pollution today is an issue of security and pollution tomorrow.” The railways were financed for 3,000,000 € for modernization and acquisition of new trains at commuters’ service. Proposals are introduced to increase the overall efficiency of local public transportation services in the national Forum program presented on February 26. “On the 26thwe will share our ideas and proposals with all stakeholders,” states Moretti, “especially with those who hold the biggest lever, such as the Regions.”

 The train was chosen over cars and airplanes by over 42 million passengers in 2013 (5.2% more than in 2012) which reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by millions of tonnes. In the rest of Europe, explains the engineer, the level of urban and bicycle mobility exceeds 20%. Especially in Northern Europe, like in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, it is over 50%. “Programs are supported by solid plans of investment where thousands of Euros are made available. The consequences, in case it is not done, can affect the citizen, aside from the fact that Italyshould not remain out of this future eco-friendly projection.”  

 Minister Orlando describes the train’s “strange destiny”: “the symbol of the first industrial revolution is the vehicle that could represent the passage to the third industrial revolution phase of an eco – sustainable model.” A project, he explains, was created to build a cycling lane that follows the river Po, which crosses the Lombardyregion in North Italy. The Minister adds, “This great project has the same ambition as those in the rest of the EU, also supporting the municipalities of each region. It gives an important idea of what transportations can offer.” 

 Objectives, targets, and a stimulus are necessary to move forward. Orlandostates, “Awareness is what allows the nation and construction companies to face a new phase of building evolution. “Those who signed for these political changes,” adds Orlando, “are forced to move against industrial CO2 emissions, and towards the reorientation of public investments to realize collective transportations.” And therefore, improve the overall environmental situation in Italy.

 Four wagons of the “Eco friendly Train 2014” were used to create an environmental display. The exhibit is dedicated to mobility, urban life, and living in an eco friendly way.

 The first wagon’s theme is “Eco friendly Mobility” by focusing on an area with limited traffic, cycle paths, and saying “no” to the smog. Instead, the second one named “City” is created to tell an urban story that answers the citizen’s needs, such as clean energy, safe buildings, and the cycle of life. “Life Style” is the third wagon where advice is given on how to be more attentive and smart citizens. The last one, “UrbanPark” focuses on Lega Ambiente’s concept of green areas, and living better by spending free time in the fresh air, and taking care of abandoned green locations.    

 With free entrance, the exhibit is open from 8:30PM to 1:30PM for reserved classes, and from 4 to 7PM to the public. 

 The tour dates of “Eco Friendly 2014” exhibit are:

Palermo: 13, 14, 15, 16 February

Cosenza: 19, 20, 21 Feb

Potenza: 24, 25, 26 Feb

Caserta: 28 Feb, and 1, 2 March

Roma (Termini): 4, 5, 6 Mar

Pescara: 8, 9, 10 Mar

Ancona: 12, 13 Mar

Verona (Porta Vescovo): 15, 16, 17, 18 Mar

Milano (Porta Garibaldi): 20 Mar

Varese: 21, 22, 23 Mar

Torino (Porta Nuova): 25, 26, 27 Mar

For more information visit:, or'Ambiente/Progetti/Treno-Verde-2014.