UK charity to offer 50 free stays in historic properties

Villa Saraceno in Vicenza, Italy is one of the 50 properties offered in the Landmark Trust's promotion.
ROME- The Landmark Trust, an organisation which saves and restores important historic buildings, has launched a campaign to offer 50 free stays in its historic properties.
The 50 for Free promotion will be available to members of charities and other educational, non-profit organisations so that they may take a short holiday break. Some of the locations include an artillery fort, a former railway station, and several villas in Italy, one of which is the iconic Villa Saraceno, which was built in 1550.
The Director of the Landmark Trust, Anna Keay, has said that the experience of staying in one of these buildings with family and friends can be "an inspiring, uplifting and transforming experience."
The Director of the Family Holiday Association, John McDonald, has praised the effort, stating: "It’s a horrifying fact that, in a society as wealthy as ours, one in three families in the UK can’t afford a simple break away from home. We’re very pleased that the Landmark Trust is taking action to help address this need."
The 50 breaks will take place from March 10-17, 2014 and are open to all who are in need of a break. Applications can only be sumbitted by charities, educational bodies, and non-profit organisations on behalf of deserving individuals. 
The application is available now until Jan 4 and can be found at: