Raffaele Sollecito, former boyfriend of Amanda Knox, "will return to Italy soon"

ROME - After nearly two years of freedom, Raffaele Sollecito will reappear in court next week to take part in a new appeals trial, Italian news agency ANSA reported Wednesday. Signor Sollecito is presently on a "brief vacation," batheing in the waters of Santo Domingo, hoping to achieve a "bit of serenity after the difficult events of recent years," said his father, Francesco Sollecito.
In 2011 Raffaele Sollecito, along with former girlfriend Amanda Knox, was acquitted of all charges for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher. Now, the Italian Supreme Court has annulled the previous court's decision and called for a new trial to begin on Sept. 30 in Florence. 
Though Signor Sollecito is resting in a country known to house international refugees, his father promises that he will return to Italy for his retrial. His father stressed that his son, as well as his entire family, has "absolute respect for the Italian insitutions," and that he has "never been touched by the idea of escape."
The family and their legal counsel are working tirelessly to prove Signor Sollecito's innocence the right way, through the court system. He will also take part in an Italian television broadcast, in person, in mid-October to talk about his case. 
Meanwhile, Amanda Knox remains in the United States and reaffirms that she will not return to Italy for any further appeal.