Syria: Impartiality and neutrality


Dear Mr Phillips,


We have read the article "Aid group probes Rome concert for Syrian Children," posted today on the Italian Insider and believe that you have misrepresented our position.


You mislead readers by implying that the IRC independently learned of allegations against the organizers of the Rome concert. In fact, it was the Italian Insider that contacted the International Rescue Committee and made the allegations which, according to the organisers, are without merit. We should note that the Italian Insider has not yet provided the International Rescue Committee with convincing evidence to substantiate its allegations.


The International Rescue Committee is a humanitarian organisation, which seeks to help victims of conflict with impartiality and neutrality.


Given that this article has misstated our position, we request that you immediately publish this letter to inform your readers of the correct sequence of events and that you remove your article immediately from the public domain.




Carolyn Makinson

Executive Director, International Rescue Committee UK


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