Finalists wow jury at accordian festival

ROME - Exceptional talent during this year’s 6th edition of the International Festival of Digital Accordion challenged the seven jury members to give the coveted title to one finalist this weekend. The competing accordionists were from 15 countries and equally accomplished the pleasant phantasmagoria sound of digital accordions in various genres, both interesting and original, during the conclusion of the festival in Sinopoli hall of the Parco della Musica auditorium.ù

Hosted by actress and singer Mascia Foschi, the event had laser creations by German Ralf Schink. His vision is not only to combine music and light, but much more: to make music with light. Every touch on the laser string by the German’s fingers produces a sound in real time. The spectacular virtuoso keyboardist has been carrying the performance to the most sought-after international audiences.

The jury this year was included past winners: Steger (Germany), Toni Pertulla (Finland), Grayson Masefield (New Zealand), Wang_Han_zhi (China) and Pietro Adragna (Italy), flanked by "senior" Vojin Vasovic (Serbia) and Vyacheslav Semenov ( Russia) was chairman of the jury.

The triumphant winners of this year’s edition are Russia, in first prize, won by Klavdia Tarabrina; followed by Michael Rettig of Germany and then Pawel Janas from Poland in third.

The competitor from Italy was Paul Forte and he received the Deschamps Channel Prize.

This year’s finalists were from Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, England, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, China, United States, Japan, Finland and Russia. The finals were organized by the Roland Company and the winners were the protagonists of the exciting competition. They excelled on the V-Accordion, a model of digital accordion made by Italian creativity and Japanese technology. It is a digital instrument equipped with powerful sound shaping integrity and thanks to initiatives such as this festival, it’s popularity is growing in the international music scene.

Even the modern jazz dance was present thanks to the choreography and performance team called Little Company. Directed by Gian Giuseppe Russo the performance marked an expression of the soul as a source of inspiration and which is a dominant idea behind the implementation of the choreographic movement.

A team of journalists from the national press industry proclaimed the winner of The Ronald Lankford Journalists Award plaque. Dedicated“to the musician who best exemplifies the spirit and passion of the V-Accordion" , it went to the very active member of the eponymous of Roland Lankford who passed away a couple of years ago . Lankford, with his digital accordion was almost a bonsai orchestra with evolving technology. He intended to help further expand the image of an instrument capable of reproducing the sounds of accordions all within the limitation of the use of the bellows. The prize went to a clever, young 23 years old, Netta Skog from Finland.


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