Georgian Independence day celebrated all over the country

Demur Dvalishvili

 TBILISI, Georgia – On May 26, 1991, Georgia declared independence, and every year since 1918 the Georgian people joyfully celebrate this day. But nonetheless they don't forget the dream of restoring territorial integrity.

 After centuries of unequal fighting, Georgia gained independence, but it did not last long. In 1921, the Soviet Union occupied the country.

 On April 9, 1991, members of the Georgian parliament signed the Independence Restoration Act, among them were Demur Dvalishvili (grandfather of this reporter), Soso Kasradze and Davit Gogadze. Signing this act was a historical event, marking the inception of a new era in Georgian history.

 This year celebrations are being held all around the country. The day is a national holiday which commemorates the date when the nation became the democratic Republic.

 For the occasion, the Freedom Square, the main artery of Tbilisi, hosted the largest military parade that Georgia has ever seen. Guests also enjoyed a festival of flowers and a military equipment exhibition.

 The country has endured the invasion of several large empires such as Byzantium, Persian and others.

 Despite the numerous obstacles, Georgia is still willing to innovate and does not lose its desire to move forward.

 Countries around the world were joining celebrations for Georgia’s Independence Day with events, while monuments and buildings will light up the colours of the Georgian national flag around the planet.


Ruso Dvalishvili