Insider View: Lackadaisical let-down for Lettori

 ROME - The ongoing unlawful, racist discrimination of non-Italian lecturers has been going on for 35 years. Despite 13 different prime ministers being told to intervene by the European Commission, the Lettori are still waiting for justice. 

 A slight glimmer of hope appeared earlier in the year when the EU commission issued a deadline for the payment of arrears in wages and the Lettori finally had a clear stance in the face of evasive behaviour. 

 However, there was no response from Palazzo Chigi. 

 The latest half-hearted attempt by the Meloni government to put an end to the issue has clearly only been implemented in response to the threat of a seventh EU Court of Justice case. 

 The decree law issued this month is very unlikely to drive any change and force Italian universities to make the requested payments and can only be described as an attempt to convince the European Commission of Italy’s commitment to addressing the situation. 

 The Italian response is an insult to the valuable contribution that Lettori have had on educational exchange and the longstanding relationship between Italy and the UK. 

 The Lettori are facing many more agonising months and even years of waiting for justice to be served.