Two tourists robbed in yet another theft at Termini Station

 ROME – On Saturday night, two more tourists were robbed at Termini station in Rome’s centre. The first, a Canadian man, and the second, an Australian woman, were both attacked and then had personal belongings of value stolen from them, according to Rome police.

 The first victim, a 34 year-old Canadian man, was attacked and robbed in Piazza del Cinquecento by a North-African individual, and had his gold necklace stolen. The second victim, an Australian woman, was attacked by two Romanians who took her wallet.

 After the thefts, and thanks to CCTV footage, the local police were able to locate the individuals responsible and arrest them.

 Rome's nightlife is a sad record, especially around Termini station, where ill-intentioned criminals prowl around, ready to do anything to scrape together a few pennies.

 Despite the strengthening of police controls, robberies and assaults continue. The first to complain are residents and shopkeepers, besieged by drug dealers and bandits.