American tourists robbed at gunpoint outside Rome’s Termini station

CCTV images of the robbery

 ROME – A pair of American tourists, a man and woman, aged 25 and 22, were returning to their hostel by Rome’s Termini station when they were robbed at gunpoint by two young men, Il Messaggero reported Wednesday. 

 Aymen El Mansouri, 19 and of Libyan nationality, had followed the couple as they exited the train station in the early hours of Friday morning. 

 El Mansouri rushed at the man and grabbed him by the neck, taking 50 euros and an iPhone 13 from his jacket pockets and a gold necklace from around his neck. 

 El Mansouri’s accomplice, 19-year-old Tunisian Mohamed Moussa, was standing nearby armed with a semi-automatic gun and held the couple at gun point as the young woman was robbed of 250 euros, a gold necklace and credit cards.  

 The thieves fled through the streets around the city’s main train station, but the couple immediately alerted police through the hostel’s doorman. 

 In a few minutes, two squad cars arrived on the scene and officers were able to acquire descriptions of the attackers from the victims and the hostel’s CCTV system. 

 Police used these images along with the “Find my iPhone” app on the stolen mobile phone to locate and arrest the attackers.  

 The two young men (one of whom had entered Italy illegally) did not resist arrest and handed over the stolen goods which were then promptly returned to the victims.