Molise region shaken by strong earthquake tremors

MOLISE – Magnitude 4.6 and 5.1 earthquake tremors were recorded in Molise, with the epicentre of the quake in Montagano, on late Tuesday night causing schools across the region to close on Wednesday, regional officials said. 

 The earthquake was also felt in neighbouring regions, especially Campania, Abruzzo, lower Lazio and Puglia. 

 Over the last few days, many small tremors have been recorded in the area, but nothing as severe as the tremors on Tuesday night in which some residents fled to the streets and decided to sleep in their cars. 

 Despite no damage having been reported, schools across the region from Campobasso to Termoli were closed on Wednesday to allow regional officials to make checks on the safety of the buildings. 

 The mayor of Campobasso, Roberto Gravina, commented on the situation in the regional capital. “In Campobasso,” said Gravina, who was engaged in various inspections during the night, “the fire brigade in not reporting any damage to persons or property at the moment. The situation is similar at the Cardarelli hospital, where no damage of any kind is reported.”

 Giuseppe Tullo, the mayor of Montegano, said that “no particular damage” had been reported in the epicentre of the quake, although “checks will have to be carried out more thoroughly.” 

 Tullo also commented on the local government’s response to the incident saying that “there was a lot of fear, but we immediately opened a multi-purpose facility for those who wanted to sleep out.”