Bomb attack on anti-racket association in Naples

Anna Ferrara receiving national recognition on the thirty-years activity of the association

 NAPLES - A presumed Camorra bomb exploded under the car of Anna Ferrara, a founder of the anti-protection racket association SOS IMPRESA on New Year's Eve, police said. It was the second such attack on Ms Ferrara by the organised crime organisation. 

 “Anna (Ferrara) is one of the leading figures of our organization ( SOS IMPRESA RplL Aps ) both at a local and national level, as she has been so for the last 15 years, and she has always been in first line against the racketeering in the city of Naples” said Luigi Como, president of the association.

 “Targetting Anna means to target the organization as a hole. We are already collaborating with the police to find who did it as soon as possible and to affirm back legality and security in the neighborhood where Anna lives and works (Ponticelli).”

  “We will request a private meeting with the prefect of Naples to discuss possible new initiatives useful to assure security of Anna as well as to for everyone fighting daily in favor of legality and justice,” Como said.