Prati prostitute killer identified as former mafia bodyguard

A body is removed from an apartment in Prati

 ROME – The man arrested on charges of killing three prostitutes in Prati is Giandavide De Pau, a former chauffeur and bodyguard of mafia boss Michele Senese, police said.

 De Pau has previous convictions for the possession of firearms, drugs and stolen goods, sexual assault, and domestic violence, as well as two admissions to psychiatric hospital. The 51 year-old was identified on Saturday morning in Primavalle wearing bloodstained clothing. This development in the investigation of the killing of three sex workers in Prati is credited to witness statements and the potential alerting of police by De Pau’s sister. 

 Authorities traced De Pau to his mother’s apartment where he was arrested on Saturday morning. After a seven-hour interrogation he was transferred to Regina Coeli prison. Suspected of stabbing to death 65 year-old Colombian Marta Castano and two currently unidentified Chinese women in their 40s, De Pau had been undergoing psychiatric treatment for some time and was on prescripted medication.