Peace is possible with Vatican ready to mediate, says Pope

Pope Francis

 ROME – In an interview given to La Stampa on Friday morning, Pope Francis reiterated the importance of resolving the conflict in Ukraine and confirmed that the Vatican was willing to act as a mediator between the two sides. 

 The pontiff said he was “ready to do everything possible to mediate and bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine” because “peace is possible” with the crucial factor being that “everyone must undertake to demilitarise hearts, starting with their own, and then defuse and disarm violence.” 

 “I have hope,” said the leader of Roman Catholic Church, “We must not give up. We must be pacifist. To wish for peace, not just a ceasefire that instead allows rearmament, but true peace, which is the fruit of dialogue. It cannot be reached with weapons, for they do not vanquish hatred and the thirst for dominion, and in this way they will resurface, perhaps in another form, but they will resurface.”

 During the interview, the pontiff also made an appeal to “Never, never ignore the fact that there are millions of people and children who are starving to death. We cannot remain indifferent. This must be a priority for all: those fortunate enough to have food day-to-day must not waste it – and this goes for water as well – this must be taught to children; and the international community is called upon to work towards the total elimination of world hunger, which is a scandal, a shame, as well as a crime.”