Police bust Ndrangheta - 26 arrested and assets worth millions seized

Investigators catalogue seized assets

 ROME – Police have broken up a branch of the Ndrangheta gang which controlled dozens of businesses in the capital, police said. More than 100 million euros worth of assets were seized in the operation on Wednesday, and some 26 suspected mafiosi were arrested. 

 The Calabrian group had expanded into Rome with the aim of managing the economic activity of the enterprises, investigators said. The 25 businesses implicated worked in a range of sectors and included bakeries, bars and restaurants. Gang members would register the institutions under fictional names, in order to conceal the true ownership and the illegal activities being conducted.

 According to investigators, by adopting fake names and strengthening mafia ties, the Ndrangheta were intending to achieve economic predominance in the capital. The scheme was led by Vincenzo Alvaro, the “business brain” of the operation, and Antonio Carzo. Both men belong to important Ndrangheta families from Cosoleto in Calabria. 

 Those arrested are accused of mafia association, kidnapping and forgery of documents.