Woman selfie addict tumbles into Tiber from Ponte Milvio

A rescue team was called after the woman fell while taking a selfie

 ROME- A 48-year-old Italian woman cheated death but was seriously injured after inadvertently plunging into the Tiber River while she was taking a selfie, firefighters said. While taking a picture of herself on the iconic Ponte Milvio, the woman plunged into the river, hitting several trees that broke her 10 M (20 ft) fall into the water. 

 She toppled over the bridge into the water below, her fall broken only by the trees she hit on her way down. She then, in her injured state, fought the currents of the river while waiting for help. Some of the people on the bridge gawped and took pictures of her struggling to stay afloat.

 A rescue team was eventually called to fish her out of the water by concerned passers-by. Firefighters said she sustained serious injuries after her fall. The famous bridge is a popular spot for tourists and other selfie takers. Caution is advised.