Italian couple go on holiday to Poland, but land in Romania

Two Italian tourists, Paola and Massimo, Photo: Leggo

 BOLOGNA – Two Italian tourists, Paola and Massimo, were supposed to fly to Krakow in Poland for a holiday, but as a result of a ticketing error they landed in Craiova, in Romania, which gave them an unexpected opportunity to discover another country, Italian newspapers reported Thursday.

 The couple had planned to meet Polish friends in Krakow. They bought plane tickets through a travel agency and the mistake was evidently due to a similar spelling of the cities.

 Paola and Massimo took a plane from Bologna thinking that they are travelling to Krakow, but after landing, it turned out that they had reached city in Romania. However, a destination error became an opportunity to discover another country. They received a warm welcome and help in organizing time from the Craiova airport.

 “Welcome to Cracoia, ah ... Craiova. We hope that this incident has turned into an unforgettable experience and that next time you will buy a direct ticket to Craiova,” addressed a message Craiova international airport team to the two Italian tourists.

 Paola told the airport team that the holidays are going very well. "We were lucky to have arrived here in your beautiful Romania that we are slowly discovering," Paola was quoted as saying.