Di Maio launches new party after leaving Five Star Movement

Luigi Di Maio to announce new political project on Monday

 ROME – Luigi di Maio, Minister of Foreign Affairs and former member of the Five Star Movement, announced his new political project, the party “Civil Commitment” to RAI 3 on Sunday. 

 The launch of “Civil Commitment” (Impegno Civico), a centre-left party, was announced on Monday, and came as centre-left politicians battle to prevent predicted defeat in the Sept. 25 elections looming over government, by the centre-right, spearheaded by post-fascist Brothers of Italy. 

 At the end of June, Di Maio left the Five Star Movement which he had been a part of since 2009, forming a group with 60 other parliamentarians over his fervent disagreement with Conte’s unwillingness towards sending arms to Ukraine. Di Maio's gambit places itself against uneasy relations within his former party who boycotted the confidence vote, leading to Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi’s resignation. 

 The Democratic Party (PD) have ruled out reviving their alliance with the Five Star Movement after the confidence vote and are a close second in opinion polls just behind Girogia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy.

 Carlo Calenda, leader of Action (liberal political party) met with Enrico Letta of the Democratic party on Monday to negotiate possible terms of an alliance. 

 On Sunday, Di Maio told RAI 3 that the new party was “inspired by Pope Francis” and would run for the Sept.25 elections.