Nigeria-Italy business meeting to be held

Nigeria-Italy business meeting

ROME – Nigeria – Italy business mission to take place on the 19- 21 July, jointly organised by the Association "Nigeria - Italy Business" at the Hotel Mercure in Roma West, on Viale Eroi di Cefalonia, and at the conference “PMI Italia” on July 20 at the National Operational Headquarters in Nola, Campania. 

 The delegation of the Republic of Nigeria will be composed of: Nigerian entrepreneurs, representatives of chambres of commerce and politicians to enter into bilateral agreements. They will also seek to create economic and industrial ties or strengthen the already existing ones between Italy and Nigeria and create a platform for business and investment networking, match-making and joint venture partnership between the Nigerian and Italian business community.

 Entrepreneurs interested in the initiative should fill out a form detailing information about their company and may contact the National Secretariat of NOLA (NA) for further clarification or questions at the following addresses: Tel. 081/ 8235322 - Cell. 349/8955438 - E-Mail: -

 National Headquarters

 Nola, 17/06/2022

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