Holy See 'concerned' over cardinal arrested in China

Cardinal Joseph Zen Credit: Bosco Link

 VATICAN CITY - The Vatican is concerned over the plight of Chinese Cardinal Joseph Zen following his arrest by authorities in Hong Kong, the Vatican chief spokesman Matteo Bruni says.

 "The Holy See has learned with concern the news of the arrest of Cardinal Zen and is following with very close attention the evolution of the situation," the spokesman told reporters from the Vatican press corps.

 Cardinal Joseph Zen, 90, is one of four people detained Wednesday in Hong Kong on charges of breaking Chinese national security law by being associated with a now-defunct organisation that helped protesters in financial need

 Cardinal Zen fled Shanghai for Hong Kong after the communists took over China 70 years ago, and is a former bishop of Hong Kong. He has long been a critic of the government in Beijing, speaking out for Catholics in mainland China and for more democracy in Hong Kong.