Dock workers refuse free tests in Green pass stand-off

TRIESTE - Port workers have refused the offer of free tests and are committed to strike action Friday when the law obliging worker to have a Green Pass comes into force, port authorities say. The port president Zeno D'Agostino has warned he will stand down if the workers go ahead with the strikes - which would cause substantial disruption to the country - but his threats have not been effective.

 A spokesman for the CLPT (the Port workers' committee), Stefano Puzzer stated “on the 15th of October we will block the port. The only condition on which we will open again is if they remove the Green Pass. The strike is confirmed and not only for the port of Trieste - almost all ports will stop.”

 The workers now seem to be on the point of welcoming D'Agostino to resign. “Goodbye and thank you,” the dockers wrote in a letter, “D'Agostino with his resignation shows that he does not want to fight alongside us. We wish him good luck with his work and send him our best regards.”

 “We do not want the Green Pass nor any tests. We will fight until this decree is lifted.”

In response to those who object to the blockade because of the serious economic damage it will cause, Puzzer replied, “we certainly feel the weight of responsibility, but we are facing a question of freedom.”

 Zeno D'Agostino, who declares himself “yes vax and yes Green Pass” commented, “God forbid I would support an initiative to block the activities. I'm sorry, but I'm not there anymore.”

 “I understand the government's line very well. There is a law and the law must be applied.” 

 The President of the Region, Massimiliano Fedriga, attempted to mediate, "I hope there is common sense on the part of everyone and that there are no radical actions that would harm all citizens, the economy and jobs. We are trying to overcome a pandemic and if we are succeeding it is thanks to the vaccination campaign.”

 On Sunday, current mayor Roberto Dipiazza of the center-right and Francesco Russo of the center-left go to the ballot. Both have taken D’Agostino’s side. "Just like the mayor,” said Dipiazza, “D'Agostino does not make the laws, but applies them. He must explain to the people that the obligation of the Green pass is not a choice, but a national instruction.”

 Russo commented, “If the positions do not change, mine will also be very clear. I'm with Zeno D'Agostino.”