Expert panel to decide ‘best panettone in the world’

The panettone originates from Milan

 ROME -The International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate (FIPGC) will host their annual ‘Panettone Day’ to judge the “best panettone in the world” in the Renaissance setting of Palazzo Pallavicini Rospigliosi on Sunday. The event has financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs given its role in promoting Italian culture. Everything will be carried out in line with Covid rules.

 Participants from all over the world - Japan, Australia, the United States and more - will compete in the four categories - Classic, Innovative, Decorated and Gluten-Free. The challenge will test the skills, coordination, technique and imagination of the pastry chefs, under the observation of the jury who will make a decision based on the whole process from start to finish, not just the final product.

 The judging panel will be composed of ten pastry world champions - Roberto Lestani (the panel leader), Matteo Cutolo, Paolo Molinari, Enrico Casarano, Claudia Mosca, Gianluca Cecere, Francesco Luni, Luca Borgioli, Pasquale Pesce and Ruggiero Carli.

 Representatives of both the Ministry of Education and that of Foreign Affairs will be present at the event, which will be held in the Palazzo Rospigliosi conference centre.

 FIPGC holds official accreditation to spread and enhance the culture of Italian ‘dolci,’ including pastries, ice cream, chocolate and cake design, in a global way. This includes organising training, including in professional schools, hence the presence of the Ministry for Education. The art of haute patisserie has seen considerable expansion in recent years, having attracted the attention of the new generations.

 FIPGC also promotes competitions and competitions, where competitors from all over the world participate and where excellence in each sector is awarded and thus the winner receives an award that certifies their professional value.