Opinion: Italians mull Conte call for dialogue with Taliban

ROME —The statements made by the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on what he claims is the need to discuss with the Taliban, have aroused much controversy and earned the leader of the Five Stars, slanderous accusations, from support for terrorism to aiding a militia involved in acts of discrimination and violations against Afghan women and opponents.

The former premier, in sending these heavy criticisms back to the sender, was keen to point out that it was a misunderstanding artfully manipulated by some media who for years, have chosen a posture of permanent attack on his political party.

And if the declarations on Afghanistan released by Giuseppe Conte have triggered endless controversies, requiring due clarification, the fact is that the latest events that are rapidly following one another in the Asian country, rather tend to deflate a controversy that seems surreal though contradicted. from the efforts of the international community to reach a government of national unity, with an inclusive spirit, which would also include the political wing of the Taliban.

Moreover, it should be remembered that the controversy originates from parties that argued uncritically until the fall of Kabul that the path that was taking place in Afghanistan was decisive and error-free and that the country enjoyed excellent health and democratic and institutional stability.

Which brings us back to the statement of Giuseppe Conte, free from any consideration of internal politics that recalled the need to support the efforts of the international community, so that it expresses a common position towards the Taliban, such as to convince them to accept the government formula of national unity, led by a guarantor figure such as former president Hamid Karzai and to participate in the action of the future cabinet which will have to take charge of the requests for the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the population.

And Giuseppe Conte's call, launched during the humanitarian disaster that is underway in Afghanistan and beyond this political controversy, acquires further strength, when behind the scenes it is promoted and shared by the United States, Russia, NATO and China, Pakistan and India, who seem to be of the same opinion, noting at the same time that it is not the time for useless critics, but on the contrary, every effort must be made to preserve the conquests in the field of political rights and to convince all the Afghan protagonists that Afghanistan has more than ever need to turn the page, close the season of ambiguity with terrorism and inaugurate a new one, of full integration and peaceful coexistence with his regional and global contexts.

And in this, Giuseppe Conte tried only to be the spokesperson for everyone's hopes ...