Scotland show support for Azzurri against England

  LONDON - With Italy preparing to face England in the final of the European Championships on Sunday, the Azzurri will receive not only the support of 60 million Italians, but five and a half Scots as well, as illustrated by the front page of the Scottish daily newspaper The National.

  The paper depicts the Italian manager Roberto Mancini as the Scottish folk hero William Wallace (or more specifically, Mel Gibson in Braveheart), who fought the English King Edward I for Scottish independence. Scotland's adage of 'anyone but England' has now brought them to supporting Italy, with leading national papers even getting in on the fun, finding more and more creative ways to express their dislike of their southern neighbours.

  The caption to the photo reads, "Save us Roberto, you're our final hope (we can't take 55 more years of them banging on about this)," in reference to the last and only time England won a major trophy with the 1966 World Cup.