Exclusive cultural and tasting tour coming soon

  ROME - A unique opportunity to experience a picnic in which you can relish the highest quality Made in Italy products is soon to be unveiled. The “Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele” is presenting “Aria di San Daniele Pic-Nic”: a four-stage cultural and tasting tour to celebrate the restart of activity and conviviality, as well as to emphasise the story of San Daniele prosciutto - its uniqueness and relationship with millions of consumers not only in Italy but world-wide.   

  The picnics will come to four historically-rich settings, where there are parks and botanic gardens: Castello di Collegno in Turin, Villa Monteverdi in Florence, Villa Dei Cesari in Rome and the Terra deli Aranci in Naples. The participants will receive a basket for two people, inside which they will find the region's typical specialities, drinks and a tasting of San Daniele prosciutto. Everyone will have a reserved picnic-rug, positioned in a way that will allow for social-distancing. 

  The first event, “Aria di San Daniele pic-nic” will commence on July 16th, at the exclusive Castello di Collegno, in the middle of a centuries-old park, at the gates of Turin, from 18:30. 

 The second stage of the tour is set to take place on July 22nd in the gardens of Villa Monteverdi, in Florence. It is a 14th century structure immersed in the greenery of a historical park, in the heart of Tuscany. 

  On September 16th, the Eternal City will host the third stage of the cultural journey, which will be held at the Villa Dei Cesari, not far from the centre of Rome.  

  Naples will be the tour’s final stop. On September 23rd, in the Terra deli Aranci, the picnic will be in a venue between the Vomero and Posillipo hills, which can be distinguished by the expanse of its open spaces.   

  A limited number of people are allowed to participate and booking can only be made online, via this link: esperienza.com/ariadisandanielepicnic/.