Free guided visits to discover everything about balsamic vinegar

MODENA - Emilia-Romagna’s tourism industry is rebooting itself with free guided visits to learn about Modena’s traditional balsamic vinegar. The tours will be in either Italian, English or French, and will allow you to discover the secrets behind exactly how it is produced. 

  “The current situation, thanks to vaccinations and the fall in [Covid] cases, brings us optimism and hope,” says Massimo Malpighi, president of Acetaia Malpighi. “We have already started to see some positive signs, in the movement of tourists and visitors, most of whom are Italians, that for work reasons also move to our city. Modena’s traditional balsamic vinegar continues to attract the attention and curiosity of foreign media: we have recently received an Austrian TV group, we are starting to plan the programme with the tour operators who are hoping to have a good autumn, that will allow us to have a fixed number  by next spring. We are, however, aware that tourism, which is necessary for many organisations, cannot return to the pre-Covid numbers quickly. My wish is that the city has the power to get itself ‘ready’, in terms of infrastructure and urban marketing,” in order to be fully prepared to welcome tourists. 

  Pre-Covid, Acetaia Malpighi saw some 30,000 visitors come to directly witness the ‘Made in Italy’ excellence. The experience of being educated on Modena's balsamic vinegar means immersing oneself in a true sensory experience. Participation is free, upon booking, and each session lasts from 30 minutes to one hour. This includes: a visit to the old vinegar works and an explanation of the productive techniques, guided tasting and the possibility to buy products from the Acetaia Malpighi Collection. The expert guide will allow you to ‘touch with your hand’ over 3,000 guarded bottles, one of which dates back to the Napoleonic period. You will be able to understand the diverse phases in the ageing of the product. To further entice new visitors, there will be a new room dedicated to displaying over 1,500 bottles of various years and ancient woods, where tourists can discover the wonders of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Behind the bottles will be an enlarged image which will reproduce the amazing watercolours realised by the local artist: Giuliano Della Casa.   

  To book, call: +39 059 467725 or email It is open from 10:30-17:30 every day of the week.