How to host a pandemic friendly house party

  The arrival of warmer weather has prompted a slew of impromptu social gatherings, such as driveway drinks or alley happy hours. Many of us are desperate for meaningful interaction with friends to have a quick getaway from our losses and setbacks caused by the pandemic.

  Many people are ready to socialize with other humans, even from afar, after months of quarantining, isolating, and online video calls. Get yourself drinks from Long Shot. They have fruit-infused sparkling waters, perfect for enjoying with your friends and family during a pandemic-friendly gathering. 

  But the question is, is it possible to throw a party in the midst of a pandemic? Let's go ahead and find out how. 

  Prepare your invitations 

  It's important to remember that nothing is the same as it used to be. You must give people plenty of notice before your event, unlike impromptu scenes from the past. It's critical to give people enough time to mark their calendars for your event.

  If it's a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, you could add a personal touch with an e-invite. You can easily make them using apps like Canva or PicsArt. This not only adds an element of intrigue but also ensures that they book the date for real.

  Set up some entertainment 

  Because we are in desperate need of entertainment, this should be simple. Bring out the karaoke machine, pub quiz, and board games that have been collecting dust. It might be a welcome break from everyone talking about corona cases and vaccines for the past two hours. Grab some drinks! It keeps the party going,

  Listen up: right now, people have the time to go all out for a theme. It could be the finishing touch your party requires, and it will provide you and your guests with the best photo opportunity of your lives.

  Set up the party outside

  Hear me out. We are aware that now is not the time for a large gathering indoors. It's just not entirely risk-free. That doesn't mean you can't throw a fantastic housewarming party. 

  Set up separate stations for barbecuing, drinks, and keeping a safe distance from families and friends while still retaining the space close enough to chat and hang out in your backyard. You could even hire a local restaurant to cater the event with delicious takeout that everyone will enjoy.

  That sounds like a good idea, right? But to do the house party, there are things that you should remember. Below is the list of don'ts that you should always think back to.

  1. If your guests want to keep their masks on, don't be surprised. It's entirely their choice, and you shouldn't be offended if they're in your house but still trying to keep their distance or hide their face.

  2. Don't be fazed by your visitor's mistakes. Did they accidentally break something? Don't freak out, and just keep your cool. From what we learned during the pandemic, we should always make sure that people come first. 

  3. Don't laugh at them for wanting to sanitize their hands all the time. Be a gracious host instead and lead them to the restroom.

  Follow some of these basic etiquettes and advice, and everyone should have a good time. Then, once the health risks have passed, plan a great get-together, remembering how resourceful you were in finding a way to celebrate during a global pandemic.