Let's Eatalian: Italian products promoted in Qatar

  ROME - Thanks to the a trade agreement between Italy and Qatar, Italian products are promoted in large-scale retail supermarkets. After eight months of the launch of the promotional campaign involving an Italian trade agency of Doha and the large-scale distribution chain hypermarket, the third moment of "Let's Eatalian" began in eleven stores in Qatar. 

  The initiative, intended to include new Italian agri-food products in Doha's product portfolio. It was inaugurated with participation of Alessandro Prunas, Italian ambassador in Qatar and the director of the LuLu Group in Qatar Mohamed Althafi.

  This collaboration between the companies, which began in 2018, has highlighted over the years the concrete interest on the part of the chain to intensify the range of Italian products with increasing sales in Italy, and to the great satisfaction of various local clients, as well as marking the company in the center of Europe trade.