The best ways to truly experience Northern Ireland

  BELFAST - It's not for no reason that one talks about the giant spirit of Ireland. It is an island full of myths and legends, strongly connected to nature and its powerful cultural heritage. The spirit of Northern Ireland is expressed in many ways, from the magnificent gardens of Hillsborough Castle to the awe-inspiring Giant's Causeway and the cosmpolitan effervescence of Belfast and Derry's beautiful murals.

  And now the Irish tourism board has released a list of 63 experiences to take you closer to the cultural heart of Ireland, to experience it like those who live there. These once in a lifetime experiences are led by breeders, farmers, musicians, food artisans, master distillers, custodians of the land and passionate guides.

  Gin lovers can take a trip to the Gin School of the Wild Atlantic Distillery of County Tyrone, while mountain bikers will enjoy the scenic bike tours on the beautiful Mourne Mountains.

  Countless available tours of local culture will give you a greater apprecation for the green landscapes, legends, music and traditions of an intensely spiritual area.