ROME -- The World War II British Army veteran Harry Shindler recently presented his latest book ‘My war is not over’, co written with Marco Patucchi, at the American University of Rome (AUR). The book tells dozens of stories of people who Mr Shindler has helped truly 'end their war' by discovering what happened to their loved ones, and also covers Mr Shindler's own memories of the war, where he participated in the landing at Anzio and the Liberation of Rome. Patucchi, a journalist from La Repubblica newspaper, collaborated with Shindler in his research.

10 Nov 2011
Philip Willan

ROME --The ongoing eurozone crisis is putting an unexpected squeeze on The Monte dei Paschi Bank, an institution that was set up to protect the needy from usurers and that has been run with admirable caution and social conscience for more than five centuries.

 The Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA, Italy's third-largest lender, needs to raise around 3 billion in fresh capital to compensate for its exposure to Italian sovereign debt and satisfy the stress test demands of the European Banking Authority.

10 Nov 2011
Published April 9, 2011
 Dear Editor,

 Well done Harry Shindler.

 I am the co-founder of and the legal adviser to the British Expats Association (Spain).

 We first took up this fight in the late 1990s when the Blair government were proposing new legislation to reduce even further the rights of Brisith citizens to vote in UK Parliamentary elections following an absence from the UK of 20 years, as it then was.

4 Nov 2011


ROME -- The UN Security Council Resolution on women and peace and security has now been in place for 11 years, but international women’s organisations say governments are still "dragging their feet" in implementing it.

1 Nov 2011

ROME– Kanayo Nwanze, the director general of the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development, refused an offer of a free Alfa Romeo saloon car from the Italian Government, insisting that the poverty-fighting agency use vital funds to buy him a 50,000 euro BMW limousine, IFAD sources say.

 “The money could have been used for the rural poor, but Nwanze insisted he wanted a new German car rather than the perfectly adequate and smart Alfa Romeo on offer at no charge from Italy,” said a senior source at the Rome-based agency.

1 Nov 2011

Tourists Beware  I, Mike Russon and my new wife Maureen Boshoff (Russon), both managing directors of a group of companies in South Africa, arrived at the International airport in Rome on the 18th October 2011 at 13h00. We were on our way to the Maldives to enjoy our long awaited honeymoon as newlyweds.

 We were checking in at business class, flying Emirates to Dubai and then straight to Male for the Maldives, when our planned honeymoon came to a disappointed abrupt ending.

26 Oct 2011
ROME -- David Petrie is "reasonably optimistic" following his hearing on Friday, and hopes that defamatory statements made against him during his campaign for equal treatment of national and foreign lecturers in Italy will finally be withdrawn.
 The 13 year long saga has been littered with dubious delays including missing evidence taken from the European Parliament’s archives.
3 Oct 2011
Shelly Kittleson

ROME -- ‘’The regime has shown itself to be the real criminal,’’ was the comment Khalil Al Marzooq, secretary of Bahrain’s main Shia opposition party Al Wefaq, made in Rome while engaged in what he called 'outreach'. Before all the party's 18 members of the 40-member lower house - the sole elected body in the country - resigned in late February to protest the crackdown, he had also been first deputy speaker of the National Assembly.

1 Oct 2011


VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI’s four-day visit to Germany was marred by a series of vociferous protests against what demonstrators denounced as the Roman Catholic Church’s rigid policies on homosexuality, contraception, divorce and the role of women within the church.

27 Sep 2011