ROME – FAO’s communications chief lashed out at Italian Insider’s coverage as “highly inaccurate” and “shameful” this month as Lamberto Dini strongly denied influencing staffing at the UN agency.

6 Sep 2012

 PAMPLONA -- The streets to the bullring are a mess of broken bottles and containers with the remnants of cheap sangria and kalimotxo (a mix of Coca Cola and red wine popular in the Basque country).

4 Sep 2012

ROME -- FAO protocol chief Paola Dini has become a key figure in the agency's magic circle, accompanying Director General José Graziano da Silva to Calabria for his honourary citizenship recently, U.N. sources say.

4 Sep 2012

ROME- Summer in Italy is not just sun and sea, pasta and pizza, there is culture too, music for all tastes but also quite serious discussions.

This was one of those summer initiatives that Italy is so good at; a beautiful setting, a balmy temperature and a good roundtable debate sandwiched between a good meal and divine almond and then blackberry granite or granulated water ice.

29 Aug 2012
Shelly Kittleson

AFFILE – The recent inauguration of a taxpayer-funded monument to Fascist Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani has struck a chord with those attentive to a recent, worrisome drift to the far right.

26 Aug 2012

ROME --The tragedy of a Japanese FAO staffer who jumped to his death raises questions whether the U.N. agency gives sufficient priority to staff welfare, UN sources say.

An FAO spokesman confirmed the March 8 death of Shinya Abe, a natural resources Officer in FAO regional office for the Near East, Cairo.  FAO staff in Rome March 20 “observed one minute of silence at noon to show their solidarity with Mr Abe’s family and our colleagues in Cairo,” spokesman Mehdi Drissi told Italian insider. “So did colleagues in the field worldwide.”

24 Aug 2012
Michael Mewshaw

 ROME- We all knew Gore Vidal. How could we not? Ubiquitous on television, as driven as an Olympic athlete, he described himself as "a third-generation celebrity."

 He appeared on the cover of Time, just like his father and grandfather.

13 Aug 2012

ROME--The Eternal City is a treasure trove for history lovers and culture buffs. I was thrilled to start combing its museums and startling array of ruins when I moved here five years ago. But the city hides plenty of ancient secrets.

 Rome's Ancient Treasures  -  A Travel Guide takes you inside temples and tombs that are tucked away where you would least expect to find them and gives you new insights into places you may have already seen.

10 Aug 2012

ROME – As many as 290 Italian athletes are taking part in the Olympics in 34 disciplines eligible for up to 522 medals.

Under particular spotlight are the Italian male volleyball team, Valentina Vezzali, an already gold-medal winner, for the fencing category, Niccolo Campriani for air rifle shooting, and obviously Federica Pellegrini for swimming.

31 Jul 2012