VERONA - In July 2005, I argued that the Italian government should cut the cash it hands out to Italian Universities - Mario Monti’s government did just that.

On Dec. 19, the Italian Minister for Higher Education, Francesco Profumo warned that the cuts in funding threatened to push half of Italy’s universities into default. Three hundred million euros are needed, he claimed, while only 100 million is allocated in the budget which was passed before the Mario Monti government resigned.

4 Jan 2013

 TRIESTE – To understand the roots of left-wing and right-wing terrorism, one might very well start from the three regions of the Triveneto -- Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige . Due to their proximity to strategic borderlines with Austria and the Balkans, the three regions have been incessantly in turmoil.

31 Dec 2012

 AGRIGENTO, Sicily -- They call them the “Patriarchs of the Valley of the Temples.” The trunks twist, suspended between sky and earth, expressing pain and suffering from the night of time. The oldest of these trees is believed to have sprouted as long as 700 years ago.

27 Dec 2012

ROME-- This week two young men arrived at Ciampino Airport, the only passengers on a special government flight. They were welcomed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Chief of General Staff of the Italian Navy and the President of the Region of Latium.

26 Dec 2012

ROME—Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister, handed in his resignation to President Giorgio Napolitano Friday, at the end of a “difficult but fascinating 13 months,” in office. Signor Monti fulfilled his pledge to quit after Parliament passed his stability budget law, meaning that a general election will be held in February.

 The prime minister he had indicated he intended to stand down after the centre-right PDL or Freedom Party said it no longer would support his technocratic Government.

21 Dec 2012
Laura Simmons

ROME – The Sant'Egidio  Community is offering the homeless a wonderful Christmas gift: a 'Where to eat, sleep and wash' guide to Rome, or 'Michelin Guide for the poor'.

20 Dec 2012
John Phillips

ROME -- The European Commission is preparing infringement proceedings against Italy for discrimination against British lecturers working in Italian universities, diplomatic sources say. British Prime Minister David Cameron again raised the plight of the lecturers recently but Italy has made no firm commitment to repeal the discriminatory Gelmini law.

18 Dec 2012

ROME - Italian car giant Fiat has said it will cut 1,500 jobs in Poland to match falling demand.

 The announcement was made to trade unions in light of ‘market trends” and ‘negative expectations for the future’ in Bielsko Biala on Monday. The layoffs will be made at the carmaker’s plant in the southern city of Tychy, which makes the popular Fiat 500, the Lancia Ypsilon and the Ford Ka. Total production at the plant will be less than 350,000 this year, compared with 600,000 in 2009, and predictions for next year are lower still.

13 Dec 2012
Gianfranco Nitti

ROME- The FAO Director-General says that improving food security in the Sahel will contribute to peace and stability in the region.

11 Dec 2012