ROME- An American stewardess was arrested at Fiumicino airport after police discovered a gun in her hand luggage that may be linked to recent criminal activity in the capital, police sources say.

  Described as in her 60s and identified only with the initials J.J., the on-duty air hostess was spotted making “strange movements” in her bag which alerted airport officials, said the sources quoted by Il Messaggero newspaper. 

 Security found a ‘Sig Sauer’ 40-calibre hand gun dismantled in her suitcase with about forty cartridges, five of which had been fired.

26 Jun 2013
Desmond O'Grady

ROVERETO -- That Italy's strength in modern art lies in its smaller towns is borne out by the
MART museum in Rovereto, which lies half way between Milan and Venice.
 It is a doughty rival of Italy's other major contemporary art museum,
the MAXXI of Rome.

The Museum itself, by the contemporary Swiss-Italian architect Mario
Botta, is a fine example of integrating a new structure amid 18th
century buildings.  The glass cupola over the entrance courtyard has
the dimensions of the Rome Pantheon's cupola.

25 Jun 2013
Natalie Lyubomirsky

ROME-- One of the UK’s greatest exports, Immodesty Blaize, was in Rome for two special performances at Micca Club this month. Generally performing large spectaculars, the two shows were part of a comeback after suffering a knee injury mid last year.

Reminiscent of Sophia Loren, Immodesty commands the stage with her embodiment of feminine power and old world charm. Dancing since she was five years old, Immodesty Blaze has become one of the most iconic performers in the world of burlesque.

24 Jun 2013

VATICAN CITY- One hundred days after Pope Francis assumed the papacy “We Are Church,” a liberal Catholic opposition movement urged the Argentinian pontiff to usher in reforms to decentralize church power.

19 Jun 2013
Insider reporters

  ROME – The FAO Director General, José Graziano da Silva, has broken up an “immoral earnings” ring  involving a number of staff at the UN agency, FAO sources said.

 The Brazilian director general “took disciplinary measures” to smash what is understood to have been in effect a prostitution racket at the Rome-based food agency, acting on information provided to him when he took office last year. Few details were available but it is understood the racket involved members of  the messenger corps at the agency and staff and delegates from African countries.

18 Jun 2013

ROME– Turkmenistan, Sao Tome, Niger and Dominican Republic may deserve FAO honours for meeting UN development goals but all are in hefty arrears in paying dues to the UN agency, FAO sources say.

 The four states were given an award in a special ceremony Sunday at FAO’s sprawling headquarters for reducing the number of hungry people by half, this achieving Millenium development Goal 1, while Turkmenistan and tiny Sao Tome/Principe received an additional plaudit from FAO supremo José Graziano da Silva for also achieving the more stringent World Food Summit goal set up in 1996.

17 Jun 2013

PATTAYA, Thailand -- Anyone meeting the remarkable Juergen (Gio) Lusuardi will not quickly forget, especially when they discover how many benefit from his energy building the Take Care Kids charity for those suffering in Thailand. I have been renting a villa in Pattaya so as to stay in one place for a change and finish writing a book.

15 Jun 2013

ROME – Two countries that helped enable the wafer-thin majority electing FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva had not paid their dues and were technically ineligible to vote, FAO sources say.

 Peru and the Dominican Republic were not paid up members of the agency before the knife-edge 2011 final vote for the leadership of the UN famine-fighting agency, the sources said. “Peru did a deal with FAO officials to pay their outstanding contribution in instalments and thus were allowed to vote in the elections for DG,” a senior insider at the Rome-based agency said.

14 Jun 2013

ROME– FAO chief José Graziano da Silva publicly dismissed work by senior colleagues as “huevadas” (bullshit) while working as head of the UN agency’s Latin American operation, FAO sources disclosed Tuesday.

 In a formal complaint to the FAO’s professional association, a senior executive described how an FAO Senior Officer and a woman Consultant made a presentation on Climate Change in 2010 at the agency’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile, then headed by the future Director General.

11 Jun 2013