Torquil Dick-Erikson

ROME -The Corriere della Sera recently reported on “A European police force answerable to no Parliament” - the European Gendarmerie Force, an embryo EU paramilitary riot-police batallion, with 800 effectives stationed in Vicenza.  Their reporter interviewed its commanding officer, Dutchman Kornelis Kuijs, and divulged revelations by a source high in the ranks of the Italian Carabinieri.

31 Jul 2013

ROME – Controchiave, a cultural association in the San Paolo neighbourhood, is celebrating its 20th festival despite setbacks such as the death of a founder and a continuing struggle for funding.

 The organisation started somewhat unexpectedly in the aftermath of a play. A group of artists that had spent weeks putting on a show found that they wanted to continue working together, only to realise that the area in which they were based was totally lacking in cultural facilities.

29 Jul 2013

 ROME—Do you want to heal past trauma, overcome addictive behavior, and awaken to your true nature in a spiritually healing island paradise? Spend a week on the residential healing retreat "The Sacred Alchemy of the Heart" located on the volcanic Pantelleria Island in the Mediterranean and inspire a life of love, celebration and happiness.

26 Jul 2013

ROME – Here's my recipe: buy a cheap ticket to Italy, wrap up your day-dreaming, take your four wheels (I mean your wheelchair, not your Ferrari), cram in ambitions, surround with inspiring people. If you follow that advice, you’ll find yourself within tantalising grasp of your Roman dream, which might just come true - like mine did.

The Eternal City enchants everybody and, in my case, its charm has driven me to the daring idea to write a not-so-mainstream guidebook.

25 Jul 2013

ROME – The past year has seen a dramatic increase in sales of British memorabilia among the expat community, according to online supermarket British Corner Shop.

Reasons for the surge have been attributed to the Olympics, Wimbledon and the royal birth, all of which seem to have encouraged Britons living overseas to buy increasing amounts of memorabilia online to prove their patriotism.

24 Jul 2013

 ROME -- Mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, scientist... Archimedes is an undisputed giant in the history of civilization.

 The breadth and scope of his experiments and discoveries are staggering, even in the light of modern scientific research. It therefore appears inexplicable that, until now, he has never had an exhibition dedicated to him. “Archimede, Arte e Scienza dell'invenzione” is a world first, set up by the Galileo Museum of the History of Science, Florence, in collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institut fur Wissenschaftsgeschichte of Berlin.

24 Jul 2013
Gianfranco Nitti

ROME --Economic Development Minister Flavio Zanonato has visited the Maserati plant in Grugliasco where the new Quattroporte and Maserati Ghibli, to be launched this August, are produced.

 Touring the Giovanni Agnelli plant Monday with Mr. Zanonato were Fiat CEO, Sergio Marchionne, and head of EMEA for Fiat-Chrysler, Alfredo Altavilla. During the visit, the Minister had the opportunity to see the body shop and assembly lines for both models, as well as stopping several times to speak with employees.

23 Jul 2013

ROME – A rare mix between a zebra and a donkey has been born in an animal reserve in Florence, owners have confirmed.

Named Ippo, the ‘zonkey’ has a zebra for a father and a donkey for a mother, who is herself part of an endangered breed. Ippo’s father, Marti, was adopted by the Floricoltura Aglietti foundation from a zoo that was unable to look after him.

23 Jul 2013

ROME– FAO chief José Graziano da Silva dropped plans to hire consultant Telma Viale as HR chief after viewing an artistic  video in which she apparently strips to the buff, FAO sources say.

22 Jul 2013