Farley Clinton

 ROME-For close to fifty years, at intervals between 1964 and 2010, I frequently found myself in Rome, usually  in order to write about the Council that Blessed John XXIII unexpectedly called into existence in 1962, or about some of the many disputes and developments in the Church which followed the council, for some publication or other that was edited and circulated in the United States.  

25 May 2011
Desmond O'Grady

ROME -- An Italian Home: Settling by Lake Como is Paul Wright's tribute to the robust pleasures of village life on lake Como.  Without being mawkish, it brings out the generosity and humanity of the 900 inhabitants of Moltrasio which perches on a mountainside 250 metres above the northern Italian lake.

23 May 2011

AIDONE, Sicily -- The inhabitants of this small and remote town in central Sicily packed the local archeological museum today to gaze at “their” statue, which until recently was a star exhibit of the Los Angeles Getty Museum — the Goddess of Morgantina.

The stunning 5th century BC artwork was at last displayed to the public  amid much fanfare and enthusiasm more than 30 years after it was looted from the nearby Morgantina archeological site following a decade-long campaign by Italy to retrieve antiquities that Rome says were illegally exported to the United States.

17 May 2011

Report and Photos: SHELLY KITTLESON

BEIRUT — In a country where Italy currently sends its second largest contingent of peacekeeping troops as part of the UNIFIL mission, martyrs line the streets, statues and posters of those meeting a violent end in recent history.

9 May 2011
Farley Clinton

News Analysis
WASHINGTON -- What will be the historic consequences for the Church of making John Paul II a saint? 
Probably, this decision guarantees defeat in advance to any future efforts that a group or an individual might launch, in the hope of undermining John Paul's legacy. 

5 May 2011
Philippa Malicka

ROME -- The Domus Talenti in via Quattro Fontane was occupied on Friday by an army of British expats who gathered together to watch the royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

The viewing was organized by the Association of British expats in Italy, who masterminded a British street party with a distinctly Italian flavour. Its own royal kudos was affirmed by the attendance of a Prince and ambassador of Nigeria, as well as two ambassadors from Kenya and Ghana.

1 May 2011
Philip Willan

VATICAN CITY — John Paul II’s funeral six years ago drew more than 2 million visitors to Rome, some of whom urged his successor to “make him a saint immediately”.

30 Apr 2011
Philippa Malicka

ROME — Ahead of the British Royal nuptials a selection of eligible damsels from Rome’s upper social stratosphere spoke of their admiration for Kate Middleton’s normality and their preference for the future King’s more roguish younger brother.

30 Apr 2011

The common Latin origins of Italian and English can often lead to bewilderment cautions Angus Campbell


SICILY-- It is often said, with much reason, that the two best methods of learning a language are finding yourself in either of these contrasting states-- suffering near famine in a country the language of which you are completely ignorant, or, more fortunately, enjoying a lover who is completely ignorant of what you are saying.

27 Apr 2011